Your blog is an eye-opener for me. I have cleared Civil Services Exam and presently in an allied service. You might be right to an extent,but,you can’t deny the fact that teachers like Kathuria,Shukla,Sanjeev Verma and others are a treat to study from. Avail discount on your preferred coaching now. But by that time, it was too late, and he could not cover even upto properly before the Prelims.

It requires a humongous level of information pre-organized in your head, ready to be written on paper at breakneck speed. As i once read- blinds can’t see, those who’ve deliberately closed eyes can’t see, nd those who know what they r seeing yet state something else r also devoid of vision. Any institute can only introduce you to the field. I list down the facts for all the three and leave it to you to decide whether you should join or not. Its my only dream or lifetime aim. ACs are working fine now.. Thus, it is expected from a coaching institute to provide those facts which would help in answering questions.

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Neetu Singh Direction Institute is one option. I am studying on my own searching material on internet, cos now-a-days UPSC asks for latest knoweledge which can be obtained from net alone.

It has been said that they ensure things from Vajiram coaching material are not set in the paper, and I suspect that to be true. Secondly, in polity, Mr Ravindran dictates at such a fast speed that you end up with a bad hand- writing and not able to read what u wrote finally. Exambazaar has partnered with S. Now, after going through your classez I am just baffled what to do what not to do???


The main benefit manovha joining a good coaching class is the friends you make. If God is keeping me away from this extravaganza.

sk manocha essay classes

The notes are wonderful but as an aspirant of such a reputed exam one does not just follow things blindly. Whatever you do, stay focused on regular study by yourself, and maintaining positive energy. But to streamline it.

The Mirage of Vajiram and ravi: Vajiram GS: Is it worth

This statement by the author indicates that other assertions might be equally false. All the issues have been discussed so far but no one has clssses forward to shed some light on the solution.

I have anyways wasted thousands of hrs in hopeless classes and millions of Joules of energy already. So what was the use? Save time by finding the best Coaching Classes near you. Also please kindly assess your talent and patience before appearing for the CS as its not a child’s play, be real and grounded.

IAS Coaching in Chandigarh. I’m in touch with a present student of theirs nd unfortunately the situation is same.

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Can anybody please suggest me a good coaching centre? My mail id is madhav. I am hoping may be this year they serve something good to their students as UPSC syllabus got changed. If you have no knowledge of GS, then Vajiram is good to build a base, but only a base. Please make more and more people aware with ur blog and good luck for mains man Hiii ratna im madhav from Andhrapradesh. If you have decent GK and have a good reading habit since childhood including a newspaperGS coaching isn’t very necessary, especially since you can get notes and specialized books e.


sk manocha essay classes

I just enjoy learning without complaining Hi Karthiga, Thanks for your feedback!. Studying from Manocha, Kathuria etc can be a treat for Civil services aspirant only if the coaching is useful for the exam.

Many Rooms available for rent near the institute for very affordable prices. Report a majocha error.

Sk manocha essay classes for toddlers

Also,since the staff is mainly south Indians, they are biased when dealing with the students. And if you can spend some time and energy in writing this blog without any monetary sl, what’s the harm? Earlier I was suggesting him to go for Vajiram, but it seems I was wrong! Now let me bluntly raise a point.