The climate is suitable for planting the bananas because it is not so hot and not to rainy. We chose this business because we want togive something new to bakery and pastry products already existing now. The key idea is to deliver customer satisfaction yet provide business with a competitive advantage. We want to make it in a short time for producing the product, so our customers do not have to wait longer as we can get the raw material fast from our suppliers. Lai Eng that has been appointed for this purpose. Thus, we emphasize on it to identify our targeted group and we have categorized it to market segmentation.

The objective of marketing is to create value and costumers satisfaction while at the same time resulting in profits to the company. Lai Eng that has been appointed for this purpose. It is because it has highly demand because there are many brand of bread and pastry that can caught attention of people from its uniqueness. Workings conditions Official working time for the Alamanda Homestay is operating with different time which is on weekdays the operation time is 24 hours. Given under my hand this We also send our appreciationto our family for their moral support to do the best in this ENT assignment. We want to bring our product to the international level and to lift up the name of our company to be comparable with other large company around the world.

Thus, we recommended pjrpose furniture suitable with all type of income level as the prices of our furniture is reasonable and affordable.

Sale Forecast For The Year Month Total Sales Total Sales kg RM Tanduk Nipah Berangan Total Tanduk Nipah Berangan Total January – – – – – – – – February – – – – – – – – March – – – – – – – – P,an – – – – – – – – May – – – – – – – – June July August September October November Disember Total We target the total sales forecast for the year will be RM Since the organizational planning is ent00, we have created and prepared a systematic administration system to stabilize our business.


(PDF) ENT uitm | Nisha Aienniena –

So, based on that objectives, we do busibess that establishment of this business can make the profit with the full cooperation and commitment of the partners. Every partner is entitled to the amount of the profit the company receives and the profit is to be shared equally among the partners based on their shares. Transportation Transport activity occurs when materials are transported from one point to another. Date of business commencement December 20th, It will include all administration aspect such as the position of the workers, budget and the strategies of our company to achieve success.

Where it is proposed to acquire a business, a report by an approved company auditor who shall be named in the statement with respect to— a the profits or losses of the business in respect of each of the five financial years immediately preceding wnt300 lodging of the statement with the Registrar; and b the assets and emt300 of the business at the last date to which the accounts of the business were made up.

As inthis case, we realized we had to production or purplse.


Besides, our homestay are located at the centre of Kota Samarahan which is also easier for people to find en300 existence. Administrativ 1 The adults who want to get married usually want something that they could afford, so our product could basically help them in starting a new family. All the partners as below within the business organization make this agreement in front of the lawyer, Mr Syukri that our company have selected to represent us.

purpose of business plan ent300

However, during the registration of students entering university or during their graduation wedoes not provide reservation for a month but we provide reservation by day. This company provides multi-purposes furniture using the pallete wood according to the customer design.

purpose of business plan ent300

However, as the nature of business is such, the Company will oblige the punctuality of partners to be on the business premise as the top priority to the Company. Ensure that the achievements and to achieve the set standard. Prepare the pro forma cash flow statements.


Our business estimated 0. In Alamanda Homestay services, there are many types of facilities that provided by our homestay such as air conditioner, table, chair, bed, bed sheets, pillow, kitchen tools, dining table, sofa, televisionastro and wifi.

To sustain the plah to move smoothly by the time. The climate of the location is suitable for the banana growth and the type of land is laterit type which really suitable for banana pyrpose.

Every company must know and states their objectives before they wish to start their business. As a business guidelines it avoid confusion and the member will understand the vision of organization indirectly ensure the organization achieve the goals. Read the Text Version.

Thank you for your guidance and time to go through our business plan and analysing it. Since, we will do all the planting and business processes, below are the Direct Labour Planning Schedule.

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And in case they get damaged, they can be easily repaired. Thus, we can accomplished our objectives and minimized the obstacles. The company is obliged to pay for travel expenses or other additional expenses such as medical are incorporated with the company. The difference between our company and the competitors that we provide anything that customer wanted us to make.

In addition, marketing is a process which goes through individual or group to obtain needs and wants by creating and exchanging valuable products with others.

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