If a range of dates is listed, the course meets on every specified day within that range. Student Disciplinary Policy and Procedures. Expand All Collapse All. Up to two courses can be taken in A majority decision with one vote from each member will constitute a valid decision. If the student is unable to attend the semester following the term withdrawal, he or she should request a Leave of Absence from his or her Program Advisor See “Leave of Absence” section. Graduate students may not transfer in credit taken after they commence study at NYU in an NYU School of Professional Studies graduate program unless the course work is in a pre-approved program in an institution with which the NYU School of Professional Studies has an established relationship.

The Committee Chair and the Committee Designee will consult to determine whether or not an alternative hearing date can be arranged. A student will not receive grades for any courses in which he or she is not officially registered at the beginning of that term. The number of in-person instructed sessions is 6, listed on the right side of the scheduling box. A student who is found responsible and sanctioned with a suspension or dismissal after all appeal deadlines are met will not be allowed to attend classes for the remainder of the term. See “maintenance of matriculation” and “time limit of program. When a student maintains matriculation and does not meet the criteria for a full-time or half-time equivalency, student loans immediately begin counting toward the grace period before loans become due, even if the student has not finished the degree.

At the commencement of the hearing proceedings, the Committee Chair reads the allegation s statement, and the Respondent is offered the opportunity to respond to the allegations. One of the key aspects of the graduate school experience is the advisement process in which faculty and staff assist students in the development of a plan of study that helps them achieve their academic and career goals.


It is the faculty’s responsibility to evaluate the student’s work in the classroom. To receive a final grade for a course, students must have complied with the attendance policy in the syllabus and must have satisfactorily completed all examinations and other assignments prescribed by the instructor. The specific violation; 2. What qualifies my academic transcript as “official”? This trust is shared among all members of the University community and is a core principle of American higher education.

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Accordingly, decisions will be made and communicated to the students by their department before the end of the academic term in which they make the request. Using quotation marks to set off words not your own. Eligibility to receive financial aid is based on the number of credits for which a student is registered each term and students should contact the financial aid office to confirm eligibility.

Submitting creative works, including images or reproduction of the creative works, of another person without proper attribution.

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Showing Results of 3 for Faculty Members. As partners in learning, students are expected to attend class Objectively assess the quality of your class participation. Using notes or other sources to answer exam questions without the instructor’s permission. Normally credit is provided only in cases of prior study. Each Panel member has one vote. The Committee will consist of the following members: Respondents and Complainants have the option to bring Witnesses thexis the hearing: Team members may represent one or several areas of concentration.

nyu scps thesis

Mina Agnos travel company that was born out of my master’s degree thesis. For students who are readmitted, the original period of matriculation is counted toward the two-year or five-year time limit; the hiatus is not counted, and the clock restarts upon readmission.


Upon completing these requirements, students will then use the inter-session break and final semester to:. Requirements for Minimum Academic Standing xcps Graduate Students Under NYU policy, expectations of minimal academic standing as measured by cumulative grade point average are established at each School.

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Rights and Obligations of Respondents and Complainants i. Refer to the Spring examples included below. This option should be especially useful for students looking to pursue further study through a Ph. See “maintenance of matriculation” and “time limit of program.

Notarized Witness statements may be provided in lieu of physical attendance. If projects are not completed by the date specified you may not graduate on time! All grading criteria should be completely explained by the instructor in the course syllabus, which must be distributed at the beginning of the semester to each student. The following steps are taken in the evidence-gathering phase:. After the Respondent responds, Panelists ask the Respondent questions based on evidentiary materials and commentary.

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Entry requirements depend on the educational level ascribed to each program. Please consult the Financial Aid Office. If a student fails to participate in the investigation, a sanction will be issued based upon the evidence presented by the Office of Student Affairs.