Enrique’s Journey from BookRags. What advice would they give to new immigrants who are faced with adjusting to a new culture? Why might residents feel as if their identity is threatened when immigrants move into their community? Lourdes promises only to stay until she can send for her children or return with enough money to support them, but each year setbacks prevent her from being with her children again. Be sure to acknowledge the other side of the argument in your essay. He decided to go forth on this deadly trek.

Mount Everest is located on the border of Nepal and China. Enrique does not cease. Context for your quotes so that the reader understands the situation. He tells author and journalist Nazario of his long and dangerous journey riding atop the trains in Mexico and tells her that thousands of children make this journey. Four Week Quiz B. Why does she find it difficult to forget Enrique despite his flaws? In conclusion, similar to Walls in The Glass Castle, with the exception of the sole purpose being money, that is what Enrique and Lourdes did.

Allow time for each group to share the lyrics in class and lead a discussion that draws a relationship between hope expressed in the lyrics and the journey of migrants like Enrique. Ask students to find examples of simile in the book.

How does he survive? We are experiencing technical difficulties. Divide the class into small groups and ask them to find a contemporary song lyric that Padre Leo neriques use to deliver a message of hope to the migrants. Eight Week Quiz D. Cite evidence that Aunt Rosa Amalia is correct that the separation from their mother has caused Enrique and Belky deep emotional essau.


Is it good for the countries from which they are migrating? Be sure to acknowledge the other side of the argument in your essay. Instruct eenriques to read about the Dream Act on the following website: Write a paper that discusses the actions that Nazario wishes to inspire in her readers.

How does the reunion between Enrique and Lourdes compare to their expectations?

enriques journey essay questions

Then it was time for Peter to go. Consider using symbols and very few words to describe the information in the brochure. Finally, what do immigrants think we can learn from them? Mid-Book Test – Medium. How does it look like the beginning of the book may repeat itself? Discuss the environment in which Diana lives.

As a literary text, the work lends itself to the study of primary elements: The Himalaya and the Makers of Their Literature. Mid-Book Test enrjques Hard. From Honduras to the United States it is roughly 3, kilometers.

Why does Lourdes fear that it puts her at risk for deportation? How does his journey change after this encounter?

Enrique’s Journey Teacher’s Guide

How is that genre presented stylistically? Write a persuasive essay about why the journey is worth it or not for both Enrique and the people in his life, as well as for quedtions in general. Nazario has a housekeeper named Carmen, who one day tells her about her life and children. Context for your questiosn so that the reader understands the situation. Belky basically states that no matter what it is best to stick close to family rather than go on an unnecessary expedition pursuing what is less important.


Eight Week Quiz A. What does the United States offer Latin American immigrants that they cannot get in their own countries?

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This feeling would not last long because what comes up must come down. Why might residents feel as if their identity is threatened when immigrants move into their community? The ascent to Mount Everest is no easy task, and just like climbing a mountain, fssay from Honduras to America is no easy task. Enrique desperately misses his mother and believes that only she can understand and support him.

enriques journey essay questions

Attach a written statistical summary. The following is the criteria that you will also be graded on.