Shulman’s now iconic photograph of Case Study House No. His photographs are just as fresh today as they were 50 years ago and they retain the power to excite and promote preservation. The point was the yard with the palm trees, not the contour of the walls. It’s shaping up to be incredible and we took some great images for the DVD, all of which will be broken down for you. Many so-called ‘architectural photography purists’ insist on shooting images with no compositing, solely as they are, in order to best represent the ‘intent of the architect. Pierre Koenig, Los Angeles, Ca. As I mentioned above, the one name that pops up more than any other and who is more responsible for the recognition of architectural photography as its own art form is Julius Shulman.

He strategically placed the flash in such a way that the reflection is blocked by a supporting beam in the glass. When it comes to architectural photography, there is one that stands above all: A trip to Iceland to learn about and study architecture. The source wasn’t overly specific. They wanted to identify the landscaping. On Stahl House 22, a telltale sign it’s a single image are the valley lights “shining through” the lady on the right The tastes of architects and clients moved on to incorporate the more fanciful elements of Postmodern design and much Modernist architecture from this period was remodelled or simply torn down.

Case Study House no. I remember bringing them to Mary Kraft. Maybe you should have spent more time talking about what kind of triggers Julius used.

The surreal mood added by the perfect processing of the black and white helps, too. I was never formally trained in architecture or photography, but rather, environmental science, so everything I’ve learned has come from independent research and the devouring of materials in libraries and online.

Yet remarkably, 18 Case Study Houses are still standing and recognisable. One little-known fact is that it is made of three separate exposures labeled 1, 2, and 3, appropriately.


case study house #22 photo julius shulman

This was the time when we were building rockets to go to the moon and we were planning on colonizing Mars, and this sort of popular zeitgeist is caught perfectly in that picture.

When it comes to architectural photography, there is one that stands above all: We’re even going to include the project files so you can follow along and create exactly the same image as I do.

Architectural Photographer Julius Shulman and The Case Study Program

We cut more branches, and made it look like the house was landscaped. The Case Study Houses were characterised by flat roofs, glass walls, modular design and steel frame construction. An icon is born The year is It perfected the art of aspirational staging, turning a house into the embodiment of the Good Life, of stardusted Hollywood, of California as the Promised Land.

Mary was the architectural interior editor of Good Housekeeping, and she thought the pictures were lovely, as she said, and after the story came out–at least Shhulman was wise enough to restrain myself–after the story came out, she sent me a copy of the magazine, and she said, “We’re very proud of what you did for us.

I would be lying if I said I cwse the exact method. Mike, it’s great to see you keeping his memory alive and inspiring all of us.

The Incredible History And Craftsmanship Behind Architecture’s Most Famous Photographs

Thanks for bringing this to light In a interview with the Archives of American Art, Shulman tells the story, which is rather entertaining:. The Kaufmann house is a legendary Southern California architectural gem, and shylman of the reason for this is Shulman’s photography of the place evoked incredible emotion with viewers of the day. His photographs are just as fresh today as they were 50 years ago and they retain the power to excite and promote preservation.


Thanks for the kind words! Go, with whatever tools you have, and make the best damn photographs you can. Fulfilling the needs and wishes of the client, or shooting the home in such a way to create the most striking images possible, to raise and generate the most pubic interest and publicity for the home, and as a result the most exposure for the project and architect?

Click here to buy or download Visual Acoustics: Built in as part of the Case Study Houses programthe the home is considered to be stud embodiment of modern architecture in Southern California, and is one of the most famous homes in the world.

The shutter stays open for seven minutes to expose the city lights below, and an icon is born. I would love to see a full-size print of this to look for all the little details like that. Jhlius only does she add a bit of life to the photo and make it look more realistic, but she is placed there in such a way to prevent the bright pool light from blowing out and overexposing the film in that area 1.

Jenny Chen – October 15, Very interesting and great technical info Michael! Explore more iconic images that changed the world. Follow Holden Luntz Gallery on Artsy. And, thanks to Shulman, that dream now juluus a glass box in the sky.

case study house #22 photo julius shulman

But, like the photograph of the Kaufmann house above, there is more than meets the eye when viewing this image. Check out the sync cable in the below photograph, too:.