The little trumpet boy, despite his small size, overshadowed his companions. It was a unique privilege to be able to witness Baguio City “bloom” before our very eyes. What would a festival be without dynamic dance performances? Little Trumpet Boy The little trumpet boy, despite his small size, overshadowed his companions. It is the Philippines’ version of the Pasadena Rose Parade, where motorized “floats” or carriages are decorated with fresh flowers. What to Expect in the Panagbenga Festival

Closing Ceremonies and Awarding Date: From Manila, the latter is the more popular choice, although at this time of the year, it may prove to be a hassle. But it was a fun experience. She loves talking about herself in the third person. Icing on the cake. Children of all ages show the crowd that they have an appreciation for Baguio’s heritage by performing traditional dances.

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Drum and Lyre corps gave life to the parade which by the way reached our area at 8. The breeze was still algid at 5: Costumed performers injected a flurry of color onto the grey stretch of road. Joel, a pilgrim of the Panagbenga festival, told me we should be feetival that ridiculously early to score good seats seatsmeaning a spot on a concrete road.

Your enquiry has been sent successfully. The local government and the residents of Baguio City really made sure that the long trip to their home in the mountains was well worth it. Celebrity Float The crowd was constantly on the lookout for celebrities. The man leads her and dances in a circle with a hop-skip tempo to the beat of sticks and gongs. The Baguio Flower Festival was an idea on its way to becoming a fewtival.


Born and raised in the province, he has a natural liking for raw experiences and long, long walks on paved roads and rocky trails. The celebrations are held for over a month and peak periods are the weekends. Brilliant way to cut accommodation cost.

City-wide Elementary and High School. What would a festival be without dynamic dance performances?

I was able to witness the Grand Float Parade partly because we currently reside in Baguio, and partly because fellow blogger Joel sort of forced me too. A search for the Mr.


Baguio City is called the Philippines’ summer capital because of its cool climate. Bunny-Themed Floats Another favorite theme was the bunny, in honor of ‘s being the Year of the Rabbit.

I cringe at the sight of huge crowds and usually essayy the opposite way. So, have you decided on going to one of the biggest festivals in the country yet?

What to Expect in the Panagbenga Festival

A delicious dinner and a good night’s sleep was all we needed to prepare for the next day She loves talking about herself in the third person. The Bendian dance’s circular movements speak of unity and harmony among members of the tribe – themes that foretell fewtival coming together of the various sectors of the community to bring the Baguio Flower Festival to life.

It is noticeable that many floats had fairies either decorative or real people in costumespresumably because they are considered the caregivers of nature and maybe because pretty essxy in costume are always crowd-pleasers. Indoors, he’s usually seen in front of his laptop, a.


panagbenga festival essay

The crowd was impressed by the creative use of flowers as decoration for the floats. Their response was generally warm and immediate, except for a few doubting Thomases.

Burnham Park turned into a camping ground. If you prefer to fesitval to the City of Pines, some airlines maintain a daily schedule of flights from Manila to Baguio and back, like Asian Spirit. If you ezsay a pet owner who loves to travel, you have most likely thought about bringing your furry friend with you on one of your trips.

panagbenga festival essay

Summer Capital of the Philippines. They began by creating an identity for the Festival, one that would reflect the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordilleras. Flower Festival is a month-long annual flower festival occurring in Baguio. With all of the audio and visual treats, there was surely something for everyone to enjoy. Baka ma-neglect ko si baby. When we reached the city limits, we could see festive banners lining the streets, and every open field or school we’d pass had a group practicing for the parade the next day.