Mohan purchased a machine for Rs. Maintain this in a file. The class is divided into groups to devices an advertisement of their imaginary food or service. A sector of o with the area equal to Construct a right angled triangle whose hypotenuse measures 6cm and the length of one of whose sides containing the right angle is 4 cm. If the rainfall on a certain day was 5cm, how many liters of water fell on 1 hectare field on that day? Solve the following pairs of Linear equation by substitution method 6.

A water sprinkler in a lawn sprays water as far as 7m in all directions. Hence find the zeros of the polynomial. Find the length and breadth if the cost of fencing the field at the rate of Rs 80 per metre is Rs The cost of painting the walls at Rs. Romi has to cover a distance of 20km 50m. Four equal circles are described about four corners of a square so that each touches two of the others, as shown in the figure. Question paper solution of FA-3 in class notebook.

Solve the following pairs of Linear equation by substitution method. Find the total weight of the vegetables in terms of decimal. Find the area of the enlarged flower bed and also the increase in the area of the flower bed. This site uses cookies. homswork



Learn the whole syllabus which we have been studied. Mohita borrowed Rs from a money lender at certain rate. Find the length and breadth if the cost of fencing the field at the rate of Rs 80 per metre is Rs A piece of kkv is bent in the shape of an equilateral triangle of each side 6.

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kv jakhoo homework

Draw any line segment CD. Write the degree of the following polynomials. Find the area of the verandah. Solve the assignments given to you on the following chapters.

kv jakhoo homework

Find the ratio of g to 5kg. Find the height of the room. If we subtract a number from twice of other number we get 2, jkhoo if we subtract the same number from 4 time the other we get 8. A room has rectangular floor of size m by m. Write the opposite of each of the following statements: A shopkeeper has just enough money to buy 52 bicycles worth Rs.

Five cubes each of edge 6 cm are joined end to end. Do all the notebook questions hoemwork all chapters of geography,civics,history in separate copy. Find the area of floor which is not carpeted.


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How much distance would it homewrk in 12 minutes? Draw CD of length 8cm and find its axis of symmetry. Find the original number. Solution of FA-3 question paper 3. Write four rational no. Read all the chapters and story books of class library. A horse is tied to a peg at one corner of a square field of side 15 m by means kg a rope.

Calculate the cost of putting up a fence along the outer circle at rate of Rs 2 per meter.

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Write its use in Different fields of life. The side of a square flower bed is 1m 80cm long.

The length and breadth of three rectangles are given below. A concrete pillar 15 m high has a homrwork section which is square of side 3 m. Learn all the chapters of SST 2.