As a part of M. Tuncay Alan Monash University. Ami Mehta has completed her B. Kailasham Ramalingam completed his B. Through the process of gaining more knowledge and developing appropriate skills, she aspires to make contributions in improving environmental health and resilience.

One of the outcomes of his MSW research was that he was able to design and run personality development classes for the youth at the Machchimar Nagar fishing community, Mumbai, which enabled these youth to continue with their education and seek attractive alternate careers as well. To gain industrial exposure he joined3DPLM software solution ltd. His hobbies include photography, cooking and travelling. In , Anusha received her M. After completing his graduation, he joined Tata Communication Transformation Services, where he worked as a Graduate Engineering trainee in department of wireless and voice fault management. His other interests include reading, writing, and cricket.

Trained in Bharatanatyam and Kathak, she appreciates classical music, art and poetry. She enjoys dancing, playing badminton and being close to nature. In my free time,I like to read,sing and listen to music.

She would be working under the supervision of Prof. Wenyi Yan Monash UniversityProf. disxertation


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Tech motivated her to pursue doctoral studies. He believes in a balanced life-style.

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In Julyhe joined Sterlite Technologies Ltd. Tech she worked as a Lecturer at SGI for two years. After completing his MSc. He is also a music enthusiast and an avid traveler. Support Vector Machines for the detection of splice sites in her M. He spends his leisure sissertation reading biographies and inspirational blogs and learning guitar. I also gained both industrial and research experience during internships, as a part of the curriculum.

Due to his research interests in organometallic chemistry he joined Dr. Tushar Gupta completed his B. Chung-Hsing Yeh Monash University. His hobbies include cooking, trekking and reading spiritual books and scriptures.

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Under the supervision of Prof. She worked in industry for about three years in different data analytics and statistical modelling roles.

iitb dissertation format

Bhavesh is currently pursuing his PhD under the guidance of Dr. Ravi Jagadeeshan to do computational studies on polymers in the semi-dilute regime. As an outcome of M.

Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calicut. Debopriya Sadhukhan completed her B. Cong Qiu Monash UniversityProf. Then in he joined IIT Indore to complete his masters. Chaffee Alan on the project titled, Develop a micro-kinetic model framework for heterogeneously catalyzed reaction Direct Aromatization of Methane.



Peter Betts Monash University. During his final year as an undergraduate, he got selected for National Photonics Fellowship funded by Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt. After that, he joined Research and Development division of Nissan.

He was awarded the gold medal for securing highest CPI by the university.

Sumit has uncovered the connection between phonon lifetime and lattice thermal conductivity. When not in lab, subramoni loves to catch up on his reading and playing cricket, and idly enjoying nature.

She is interested in topics related to climate change, sustainable development and global environmental management.

iitb dissertation format