Choose Format, then Tabs. Yes, you can write the whole thesis in 1 file. But you can modify accordingly. Does this mean that i can write the whole chapters in one document? The reason I asked you to open this window is so that you can clearly notice what is really happening when we go through this tutorial. Your assistance is so useful for me. You will see list of styles similar to Figure 1.

The numbering is 1. Did you mean adding them in TOC? This is very useful later on if you have many sections and subsections in your thesis. For now, I’ll tell you how to modify it. Finally, I really appreciate your voluntary service for the student community of ukm. When you open, don’t be surprise nothing is inside.

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Thesis Template (English) – Overleaf, Online LaTeX Editor

Hi Everyone, Are you looking for the best way to farm gold in Ace Fishing? This is the reason. Then on the next page, insert page number. So, before chapter page, insert Section break – next page.

It shows the section that we thesix created as shown in Figure 6. Refer to Figure 9 if you are not sure how to do it. You mean format of reference header? On chapter page, format the page number to numeric and start from 1, also check ‘different on first page’.


There is a small arrow right bottom of Styles, click it. Kamalesha 15 January at Check the templaye on top right of your Word window. Wish u all the best and success.

gaya ukm thesis template

So, go to Home and choose Heading 1 style as shown in Figure 3. You can download the BM kum check the first step. Did you mean adding them in TOC? You will see list of styles similar to Figure 1. However, the issue is the caption of table or figure.

Heading 4 templzte 5 work the same. As we know according to gaya we have to use roman number for the first few pages, can I change them into roman numbers? Make sure you choose the last tab stop you can click the number in the list dialog. You should do that also. Sorry for my broken english. Lets start to write in UKM style.

Managing Thesis Effectively using MS Word: Gaya UKM Template

The subsection is added to navigation pane after you create it. Go to your generated TOC assuming theis have created itupdate field, update entire table.


Did you mean table title?

If you still cant understand, Mr Google always ready to help. So, basically that is it how you use my template to write chapters. Thank you for helping me. What I mean is that, don’t leave it blank as I told you in the guide, but write the title, for example: May I request you to inform how to add references and appendices in your template which will be automatically generated in the navigation pane as well as in TOC.

Don’t forget, a subsection must use capital letter on the first letter of a word only. Be careful that you dont disrupt the TOC format.

Template Gaya UKM (UKM Style) ~ Journey to The End

So, for now, let it be empty. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

gaya ukm thesis template

Thank you so much. Refer to Figure 2, if you are not sure how to do it.