There are many different types of maintenance error reporting schemes. As a general rule, aircraft maintenance engineers should not work for at least eight hours after drinking even small quantities of alcohol and increase this time if more has been drunk. Presbycusis is hearing deteriorates naturally as one grows older. Unknown 22 April at Maintenance operations are characterized by large teams working on disjointed tasks, spread out over a hangar. Repetitive tasks Repetitive tasks in aircraft maintenance engineering typically refer to tasks that are performed several times during a shift, or a number of times during a short time period, e.

Describe how you would carry-out a fuel contamination test. Do they know exactly what the task is that has to be done? Physiological fatigue reflects the bodies need for replenishment and restoration. Although management have a responsibility to ensure that their engineers have suitable training, at the end of the day, it is up to the individual engineer to decide whether he has the necessary skills and has the proficiency and experience to do what he has been asked to do. Unknown August 2, at 7: Safety culture is a set of beliefs, norms, attitudes, roles and social and technical practices concerned with minimizing exposure of employees, managers, customers and members of the general public to conditions considered dangerous or hazardous Whilst safety culture has been discussed from the organizational perspective, the responsibility of the individual should not be overlooked.

Include all precautions to be taken before during and after the weighing. The written reports maintenance cards, procedures, work orders, logs, etc.


easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

It is therefore also known hkman paradoxical sleep. I would really appreciate it. A good leader in maintenance engineering is: On trouble shooting an IDG overheat lamp fault, it was discovered that the connector of the IDG had evidence of overheating.

Anonymous 14 October at Unknown 19 April at Therefore, shift handover is potentially an area where human errors can occur. These data are used to disclose trends and, where necessary, implement action to reduce the likelihood or criticality of further errors.

The working environment comprises the physical environment, the social environment and the tasks that need to be carried out. A stress problem can manifest itself by signs of irritability, forgetfulness, sickness absence, mistakes, or alcohol or drug abuse.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Visual information is stored for up to half a second in iconic memory and sounds are stored for slightly longer up to 2 seconds in echoic memory. Motion and Vibration 5.

EASA part 66 MODULE 9 Essay Questions

As a consequence, work may slow and mistakes may occur that need to be rectified. Working environment interact, for example: Bhanu Pratap Singh 26 January at Exposure to noise in excess of decibels without ear protection, even for a short duration, is not recommended.

easa part 66 module 9 human factors essay

Sensory Receptors and Sensory Stores Physical stimuli are received via the sensory receptors eyes, ears, etc. Performance decrements can be gradual, and first signs of chronic fatigue may be moodiness, headaches or finding that familiar tasks seem more complicated than usual.


Appropriate guidance and training and drills should be provided by the maintenance organization. Aircraft Warninglights 29 August at Stop and look rationally at the problem. This will interfere with the normal synchronization with the light and dark day night.

The most common type is difficulty in distinguishing between red and green.

EASA part 66 module 9 Essay Questions – Human Factors Essay Questions

Thank you in advance. With regard to circadian rhythms, expand on the following: The engineer or a group of engineers influence the organization or are influenced by the organization.

It has been very useful for me and for sure to everyone who had read this. Am a student studying amt I having my easa easa exam on this month I kindly request to grant me some studying materials like question banks ETC. Explain how you would set-up an aircraft maintenance organization.

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Perception can modile defined as the process of assembling sensations into a useable mental representation of the world. Fatigue can be either physiological or subjective. Error management seeks to: What are the considerations and certifications for release to service when a licensed engineer carries out a component replacement?

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