Questions about the public defence application The Dissertation Committee E-mail: One supervisor functions as main supervisor. Remember to have the tax status of your opponent determined if he or she is from another country. The purpose of the thesis templates is to provide an easy way to format a thesis that complies with the KI graphic guidelines and is suitable for printing. Bring a sandwich for yourself. February 6, Source:

Emma Aldenstam will contact you in order to prepare the application. Make sure you finish writing well before the deadline so that your supervisors have time to review it. The defence can go on for some time. This was just like the North American questioning by the examining committee, except that it was one-on-one: Note that only one proposal for an Examination Board member and opponent is to be submitted.

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No more than one member, although not the coordinator, may belong to your department. About 2 hours, then the committee for another h. Lesser importance and urgency but still need to be done: Unit for Admissions, Graduation and Dissertation E-mail: Time to defend your thesis. The Dissertation Committee can decide on the replacement of one or more of its members.


One supervisor functions as main supervisor. Check again for conflict of interest. Some things are karolinwka and well documented, others disserttation rather mysterious.

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Third checklist — after public defence application After green light from Dissertation Committee, you should be ready with your o;ponent to be sent out to the Examination Board. Back up your slides, bring extra laptop, clone yourself, etc.

Lauri Parkkonen, thesis advisors: This is a pragmatic form of quality control, and the department believes that the pre-defense protocol, together with the quality control by the senior faculty members, helps increase the quality level of theses in general.

Make sure you finish writing well before the deadline so that your supervisors have time to review it. Transcranial magnetic stimulation and EEG in studies of brain function.

dissertation opponent karolinska

I just googled it and could find what the journals had to say dixsertation it. Note that most other changes would require their approval see here. As stated above, the procedure varies between universities in Sweden and at the Karolinska Disserfation we let the opponent start with an overview of the field for minutes, then the respondent gives an overview of the articles included in the thesis.

The relevant KI info page is here.

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Choose something inexpensive but meaningful and personal. The opponent and the evaluation committee should get a printed copy of the final version of the thesis at least three weeks before the public defense act. Home Dissertations from karolinska institutet. You are a scientist, why not follow what the literature has shown to akrolinska an advantage?


The supervisor and I then left, so the examining committee could deliberate. Of course we celebrate defences in North America too, but I was struck by the scale of the celebration and the involvement of family and academics on an kagolinska footing. The statement is administrated by the Dissertation Committee.

Comments on examination for international opponent

Most often, this will send you to a RightsLink page for that publication, where you can specify that you want to use it for a dissertation, which part you want to use, etc.

The day of the defence was a big day and a long one.

dissertation opponent karolinska

Particle and sigma-point methods for state and parameter estimation in nonlinear dynamic systems. The pre-defense is normally attended by the supervisors, plus some fellow graduate students and faculty.

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