Relationship of critical thinking ability to professional nursing competence. This result could be affected by the welfare status, and cultural and sport facilities of each university. Educ Strategy Med Sci. Critical thinking skills and their association with stress coping strategies in the students of Arak University of Medical Sciences, Iran. Nowadays, higher education is the infrastructure of social, economic, political and cultural development in the countries. The first part had 11 questions about the evaluation of creativity, second part included 9 questions about maturity and the third part included 13 questions about commitment. Journal of Athletic Training.

This type of attitude assists students to deal with social, scientific and practical problems influentially. Future of Medical Education Journal , 7 1 , In other words, CT skills increase as the student’s research skills promote. The students were selected by multi-stage cluster sampling. Rytas questionnaire of critical thinking Sormunen C, Chalupa M. Chan and his colleagues stated that critical thinking is related to creativity

Critical thinking for nursing leadership.

Heydarzadegan A, Koochakzaei M. International Journal of Special Education. In accordance to the importance of critical thinking and happiness in students, the present research was conducted to study the relationship between critical thinking and happiness with educational achievement among the students of Ghaen universities.

Journal of strides in development of medical education ; 11 3: In other words, CT skills increase as the student’s research skills promote.


Interdisciplinary Journal of Virtual Learning in Medical Sciences

Therefore, higher education system should enhance knowledge, attitude and skills of students about criticism, critical thinking and research. Educational strategy in medical sciences ; 8 4: The results of the current study showed that the variable of happiness has significant difference 0.

Articles Cited by Co-authors. Due to this reason, the experts believe that happiness should become the main purpose of education. Assessment of critical thinking ability in medical students. The mean scores for each subtest ranged from 5.

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Journal of information and communication technology in education ; 4 Research in medical education ; 8 2: The testing of participants spanned an academic semester. Results Among the participants individuals universiy Therefore, developing thinking skills, including critical thinking should be considered as an educational priority.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

The studies showed that the happy students have better performance in their educational achievement Relationship of metacognition learning strategy and locus of control with academic achievement of students. Prediction of performance in an academic course by scores on measures of learning style and critical thinking.

Barriers and facilitators of clinical decision making among nurses M Musavi Quarterly Journal of Nursing Sudents 4 3scjences, Future of medical education journal ; 6 3: As an emphatic recommendation, improving the level of CT in medical and dental students before they go into the work place as a physician will not occur without interventional programs.


It included 29 multiple choice items that were scored from zero to three, respectively.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

The following articles are merged in Scholar. Watson G, Glaser EM.

critical thinking skills of students in bushehr university of medical sciences

Also, previous studies have mentioned CT as a necessary skill for medical students and professionals 7 — 8. Thinkingg thinking is described as one of the skills of humans in the 21 century by UNESCO that could realize and implement different solutions 5.

Why we must transform our teaching.

As it was defined before, inference is determining the extent to which one can discriminate the veracity of the statements from a given data. Reviewing the factors of progress in developed countries demonstrated that they have a capable, effective and efficient educational system 1.

The stkdents were allowed 40 minutes to complete the assessment. Journal of advanced medical education and profession ; 2 3: Handbook of academic learning: