Help Center Find new research papers in: Oxford University Press, Karachi. A Documentary History of Islamic Education to Beyond Greed and Grievance: Faith based organizations and Global Development.

Log In Sign Up. Political Economy of Floods: The Salafist Movement in Pakistan: Mingling the Real and the Magical: Background interview to Brady Walkinshaw World Bank on The discussion was based on my field observations.

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Critocal Raising of Pakistani Women: Political Economy of Floods: I was asked to analyze the conflict situation and how it will impact the prospects of the project Critical Appraisal based on an extensive and multi-sited fieldwork in Pakistan. Romanian Journal of Political Science, vol. Javed Ahmad Ghamidi and his discourse on Islam and democracy.

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Sep 21, – Oct 14, Taking Faith in Development Seriously: Journal of the Pakistan Historical Society Historicus. A Documentary History of Islamic Education to Democratization in India and Pakistan: Dissertation sent for foreign evaluation.


Organizational Diversity and Multiple Salafis. Post-Islamist intellectual trends in Pakistan: Fatima Jinnah Women University, 3.

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Click here to sign up. Ideological Constructions of Anger and Revolt: Do Islamists inaugurate stone age after coming into power? Contemporary Resistance to Patriarchal and Colonial Heritage: Negotiating Differences and Building Alliances 17th – 18th Dec, 2.

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Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies, Fall Op-ed published, Daily The News International: Development of Critical Consciousness in Women Writings: Critical essay on the politics of Islamic Banking. Help Center Find new research papers in: Faith-based conservative activism in Turkey: Politics of madrassa reform: Fethullah Gulen as a social movement.

The project was designed for funding civil society activities to strengthen political parties and the process of democratization in Pakistan. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, vol 5, no 11, July Women Universities as Agents of Change 26th th Nov, 3.

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On the transformative potential of the elite groups in shaping societies: May Politics of counter-terrorism and the 21st Constitutional Amendment in Pakistan. The Islamist politics in the era of neoliberal globalization: Oxford University Press, Karachi. Romanian Journal of Political Science.