Notify me of new comments via email. A message will be posted on Facebook inviting users to subscribe to daily email newsletters, which will give daily updates with the production of the Power Milkshake products, current world wide news, dealing with customer complaints, etc. All elements MUST be your own work. This signifies the importance of social media for the Yazoo brand as the launch of content and competitions on Facebook brings a great deal of excitement for customers to grab a chance of winning the jackpot prize. The cameras were available for a 3 day loan so I had plenty enough time to get my filming complete by the end of this week.

Original Filming Consent Form. But however, seeing as no one as of now has replied yet to the post, this can be taken as good advice for the future that email newsletters might not work. Both YouTube and Facebook are both relevant websites for my promotional campaign as my product will be able to reach out to an audience more effectively as both the websites are global websites, known around the whole world. Target Audience Power Milkshake is a high protein milkshake drink, so my target audience will be young adults between the ages of To what extent does Shakespeare present Othello as an isolated tragic hero in Act 4, Scene 1? While at the water fountain one morning, you overhear two of your co-workers discussing how the market price of a new is determined.

Steven P Young, From the research gathered and analysed, the Yazoo brand has an astonishing 66, views as of 09 th March on all their videos from their YouTube channel.

Coursework 3 | CMT New Media

With a small 1, followers Yazoo Milkshake Twitter,Yazoo mainly uses twitter to help customers with complaints. In todays lab session, our lab tutor introduced us to the final coursework for this module. Using this as a starting point, consider how Shakespeare ensures that the audience of Othello is fascinated by the skill of Iago as a tragic villain? Promoting my product this way will help develop a strong loyal trust between me and my followers and also it could raise the possibility of my followers sharing any messages or videos that I have posted regarding my Power Milkshake product to their friends and families.


The messages received great awareness as many as people saw each post. After conducting some additional research it has been successfully determined that the Elite Audio Company shall present its customers with the best of both worlds,that is to say high quality merchandise and significantly low price ranges. Signed Filming Consent Form. Our Power Milkshake advertisement gained a good comment to describe the commercial: I chose the costume of the Green Lantern as the other superhero costumes were too recognisable and I was looking for a superhero costume which has a less recognisable logo.

Elite Audio Twitter page: YouTube is a video sharing website which users can upload, view and share videos.

cmt3331 new media coursework 3

Elite Audio Advertorial Video. The vmt3331 required me to do the following components: YouTube has also been a great success in promoting my Power Milkshake product. The following post contains information regarding the video footage, as well as the creation of the Elite Audio Advertorial.

To what extent is Iago presented coursework Shakespeare as a tragic villain without any redeeming features? The imbalance of money and power is what keep best finance resume writing service in order, according to the structural functionalism theory. This section requires me to make three recommendations, based upon nes research and assessment of social media use. I divided the background into 3 logical sections: Receiving daily news via their email was one method examined in the social media plan cmt33331 could give me a chance to stay in touch weekly with my consumers.

Cmt3331 new media coursework 3 – CMT NEW MEDIA « Victor Akinfemiwa (Vicross)

Email messaging will also be used in promoting my product. Write about how Shakespeare presents her character and consider her role in pengertian essay kritik development of the tragedy.

cmt3331 new media coursework 3

But however, seeing as no one as of now has replied yet to the post, this can be taken as good advice for the future that email newsletters medi not work. Throughout this week the logo for the Fictitious company Elite Audio has been designed, firstly I have researched well known branded logos which are relatively similar to my fictitious company so as to effectively grasp the main aspects of good logo designs.


Aim The aim of this social media plan is to develop a marketing strategy for my fictitious product in building brand awareness and engaging with my customers on social media platforms.

The primary aim of investigating the social media usage of these companies was to effectively gather further information about social media usage, which may assist myself coursrwork the near future when I shall have to make three social media recommendations for my fictitious company, Elite Audio.

Power Milkshake Bottle Cover.

Over 80 million bottles of Yazoo are sold annually in three flavours; banana, chocolate and strawberry. In addition, a 2-sided A4 report will need to be produced detailing the process of how you set about creating your idea.

CMT – New Media – Coursework 3 – Sportswear

I would only have to pay for the number of clicks or impressions that I receive, up to the amount I set for the budget, and can also view the cost of my ads in real time from my ads manager.

This should conclude with a summation of what you have learnt about the multimedia tools you have used and their effectiveness in delivering your message.

I added one more layer and with Filters-Light and Shadow-Supernova, I placed a spotlight at the intersection of the road and the watch, as if that was the entrance to another dimension. The camera was returned back to the university the very next day of Wednesday 26 th February Entrants were encouraged to upload their own Shake Squad style photo or pose to be voted on by other Facebook users in order to win. In order to prevent this, I suggest coursework the farmers develop and use irrigation, sprinkler and water cannon systems.

Friesland Campina, the company behind the production of the Yazoo Milkshakes is a Dutch dairy cooperative providing consumers all over the world with milk and valuable products made from milk.

cmt3331 new media coursework 3